Flash Game - The Helicopter Game

The Helicopter Game - You are the pilot of a helicopter. Your job is to navigate through a tunnel without hitting the walls or any obstacles. You fly up by holding the left mouse button and you go down by letting go.
Flash Game - Bow Man

Bow Man - In this game, you are a stick figure armed with a bow. Your job is to take out your opponent before he takes you out. You'll have to shoot a few to get the feel of it and get the angle right.
Flash Game - Home Run

Home Run - After a long night of drinking, this guy knows it's not safe to drive home. You need to help him on his way and make sure he doesn't fall down.
Flash Game - Absolutely Hammered

Absolutely Hammered - This games demonstrates the hazards of drinking on the job especially if it involves tools. There are crosshairs that represent where the hammer will fall, but it's very unstable.
Flash Game - Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt - This is just like the old Nintendo version that I played as a kid. The ducks take off and you have three bullets to get both ducks. This is a classic!
Flash Game - Squares 2

Squares 2 - When you start this game, you are the black square in the middle. The object is to hit all the other black squares with yours. If you touch a red square though, it's game over for you.
Flash Game - Kick Ups

Kick Ups - The goal is to keep the ball up in the air by "kicking" it. Once the game starts, you'll have to click on the ball to keep it off the ground. This sounds simple, but gets rather tricky as it starts bouncing around.
Flash Game - Wart Hog

Wart Hog - The object is to strategically place dynamite under the truck and have it blow off the ground and hit the alien creatures. You can move the truck and you have the ability to control the dynamite amount and location.
Flash Game - Yeti Sports

Yeti Sports - There are several games here which all involve a Yeti as the main character. They are all very addicting, but the site requires you to register before you can play. It's well worth it in my opinion.